Blog Post the First

The Quarter Life Crisis is a term I have heard thrown around from university and until I turned 24 I never thought much of it. I have a boyfriend, the qualifications I wanted, a relevant job, a little rented house. I’m doing fine I thought.

Then I turned 24 and whoa there. Oh, sweet summer child, how naive I was at 23.

My crappy one bedroom house suddenly wasn’t good enough anymore, it has mould sometimes and there’s not enough walls and the tap soaks you every time you turn it on and this is no place for a sophisticated 24-year-old adult to live! What am I doing? Oh, sure I got my degrees but God at what cost? Think of the debt! What was I thinking! And don’t get me wrong, I really like my job, but is this really worth the 17k on tuition fees? I mean where the hell did my evenings go? I have just enough time to get home, argue about who is making dinner, decide on a take away and go to bed. This is not the glamorous, exciting lifestyle I thought I’d be living.

And suddenly I can’t just shrug off those conversations with Mum, you know the ones, ‘when I was your age I had a mortgage on a 3-bedroomed house, a marriage and a baby. When are you starting? I can’t wait for grandchildren’. Maybe she’s right we probably should crack on everyone is engaged or pregnant or getting a promotion on Facebook. I mean we can’t possibly have a baby in this tiny house, we can barely afford that gym membership we never use how can we support a child?! Every time I look at the houses we can afford it just angers me. Will he ever even pull himself together and propose?

Now I know this is the struggle of my generation, us ‘Millennials’ living in the ‘Digital Age’ or whatever and in the grand scheme of things we’re all doing fine and it’ll work out in the end (let’s just not dwell too much on politics here). So instead of grappling with the impending sense of responsibility and pressure to just Get On, I decided to start a blog. This is the product of my Quarter Life Crisis so enjoy!

Really I want to make more of my evenings and weekends, I certainly don’t want to even consider the notion that I am doomed to have the same evening every day for the rest of my life. I don’t have a hobby as such, I tried to learn to knit but it took me 2 weeks just to knit a square. I mean I should probably have more dedication to this hobby but I guess we’ll see. I always loved to write as a teenager so this seemed a good a hobby as any to pick up. I also dabble in baking and perhaps you’ll see some of my successes and failures on here. I may be striving for a more exciting adult life but I won’t lie to you, I bloody love staying in and watching Netflix so you’ll probably hear a fair bit about that too!

Until next time!



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