Devon Adventure

This week was a good one, 3 days in the office, one in London for a conference and then a three day weekend so I can’t complain!

This weekend we went to Devon for my old housemate’s wedding and it was lovely. We were staying in a little village called Uffculme which was very much out in the sticks. It was almost impossible to get a taxi and if you did it was ridiculously expensive! We stayed at the Ostler Inn which was pretty good for £40 a night, the owners were lovely and the food was excellent value, but considering its only a 15 minute drive from Exeter it felt a lot like being in the middle of nowhere!

We didn’t spend much time there though, arriving Friday evening, out all day Saturday and leaving early Sunday.

The wedding was at the Corn Barn in Collumpton. The Corn Barn was a lovely venue with lots of space and a really unique building, if you are going there for a wedding or thinking of it as a venue then make sure you pre-book your taxi there and back waaaay in advance. Seriously.

It was a lovely day and I got to catch up with a lot of people from Uni, I also had a very excessive 12 drinks so I was pretty jolly for the evening. Here’s a little before and after shot for you to enjoy.


Considering my usual drunk shots are all about the messed up hair and sloppy looking eyes I was pretty impressed with these!

As you can imagine after 12 drinks and however many more Dan had, we were a little worse for wear the next morning. We got up bright and early in the hopes of securing a taxi to the station and grabbing a greasy bacon sandwich somewhere before we set off. Of course we couldn’t get a taxi, it was clear at this point that many of these companies just had one or two cars, so we had the delight of walking an hour to the station!


It wasn’t as bad as we first thought and actually made the hangover a little more bearable after some fresh air and the Devon countryside is so beautiful it was actually a rather nice walk for the most part.


Google maps then took us through a working farm which was pretty bloody confusing for our poor hungover brains. The farmer saw us and didn’t seem to care so we carried on following the map until three dogs came sprinting at us out of nowhere barking and growling. We were pretty sure we were about to be attacked and started backing away and freaking out a little but they caught us and were actually just excited. Phew.

We double checked with the farmer and he reassured us that yep we just carry on round the side of his cow pen and just follow the hedge and it’ll take us to the station, just make sure the dogs don’t follow. So we carried on our way and I took a couple pictures of the cows as they stuck their heads out to see us.


Suddenly I hear this high pitched scream and a load of swearing and Dan is doubled over trying to control his arm that is flinging out at his side.

The farmer neglected to tell us that the fence we had to hop was actually electrified.

No wonder he didn’t want his dogs to follow! Why on earth would you send a couple of unsuspecting hungover tourists into an electric fence!? He must have got some kind of kick out of that, maybe he has a camera set up and its on Youtube somewhere. I really hope it’s on Youtube somewhere. I laughed about it for the rest of the day. I’d like to say this was after I checked he was okay, but I mean that scream!

After he recovered and we stealthily ducked under the electric fence we made our way to the station and our Devon adventure was over.

So all in all it was a great weekend, congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Blatchford!

And please, if you find yourself blindly following Google Maps through the countryside, watch out for electric fences, Google has not always got your back.

Until next time!

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