Sunny Garden Weekend

Oh hi there,

I’ve  been  pretty crap at blogging regularly! But we all knew I’d fail at least once so really I’m on track 😉

I felt pretty rubbish for about 2 weeks and spent the next two weeks catching up on things I should have done before.

This weekend though  was beautiful. Dan was off work and we have been meaning to sort out the garden for a while and with such lovely weather we finally got round to doing it. I should probably say that we are not outdoorsy people in the slightest and we are pretty terrible at any kind of DIY so this was a hugely successful  weekend! We also weeded the flower bed and got it ready for some new plants given to us by my Gran.

We picked up a flat pack picnic table from B&Q, it was a bargain at only £65 (you can pick it up here I was a little unsure about it at first as the one they had set up in the shop was a little flimsy but actually  it’s fine. The instructions weren’t  great for someone without any DIY experience but after screwing it together backwards a couple times we got there! I actually love it, its perfect for us to have a few people over, we also have a gas BBQ given to us by my Grandparents which I cannot wait to try out!

We went to Dunelm Mill to get a couple accessories and took advantage of their massive sale – up to 50% off – and bought a lovely table cloth (albeit the wrong size – my bad). We spent the rest of the day drinking cider in the sun.

Sunday was Father’s Day so I of course went to see my wonderful Dad to tell him how great he is, here’s a little throw back picture from back in the day. Hes actually about my age there holding baby Me.IMG-20161023-WA0001

We had a rather splendid tea at my grandparents with my parents, foster brother and sister, brother and his new fiancée, aunt and cousins. We even made a cheesecake which just about survived the sun!

So that’s all for today BUT I have been very organised and already have another post in draft for later in the week where I chat about about few local places you can visit for an excellent day out.

Until next time!

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