Business Etiquette for the New Blogger

This post is for the aspiring blogger, written from the perspective of someone who often works with small scale bloggers and social influencers for organisation and event promotion.

Recently I’ve seen a few people asking about forging relationships with brands, using media kits and collaboration costs. Although I am a complete newbie to blogging I do have some experience from the other side as I regularly research and contact bloggers with free tickets to events for the purpose of some cross promotion. I’ve worked with some excellent influencers but unfortunately also had a few not so excellent experiences. So I thought I would share a few words of wisdom about etiquette when dealing with small businesses and how my experiences have shaped my own views on business relationships.

1. Contact info: Make sure your contact info is obvious or you keep on top of your email form replies, if you’re away it might also be wise to set an auto reply to let any potential offers know they’re not being ignored.

2. Always reply even if it’s a no and you’re not even remotely interested in the opportunity,  some businesses use marketing/social media consultants to contact bloggers, these consultancies will pool resources and may use the same contacts for each client they work with. If you ignore one offer you may end up missing out on more than you expected! On the flip side getting on their good side may open up more opportunities!

3. Overusing blanket replies: Blanket replies listing prices and media kits may put off smaller businesses. This may of course be your intention, however if you are a small scale blogger and wish to grow do take a good look at the offer before hitting reply to make sure what you’re sending is relevant. Besides if you’re blogging purely to make money you’ll lose interest fast!

4. Accepting offers: Only accept offers you intend on following through. I have sent out tickets to people who have accepted the opportunity and then never seen or heard from them again! It is a risk on the businesses part but it won’t take long for word to spread!

5. Show integrity when following through, don’t piggy back the opportunity with another and try to advertise two things at once as neither business will be thankful!

6. Do your research before accepting an opportunity, make sure the message or tone of the brand/business sits well with you and your styles compliment each other. Is it something your audience will be interested in? Can you create content that will both work for your audience and fulfill the opportunity?

7. Be genuine! They want their consumers or potential consumers to relate to the content and want you to show your passion for the product. However if you did have a problem with the product tell the business before you post. If you don’t feel comfortable promoting the product then don’t, but explain your reasons why. An honest account to the business will also help them to improve the product or audience targeting.

There you have it, I hope this helps some of you! Feel free to share your experiences and tips in the comments!

Meet me back here on Friday for the second in my Days Out in the South series, it’s a good’un!

Until next time!

*Disclaimer – all views expressed are my my own.

7 thoughts on “Business Etiquette for the New Blogger

  1. Some great tips! I think doing your research is really important, as it is something that you can incorporate into your blog post as well 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

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  2. Hi,
    I like your blog name.
    I have been blogging about blogging for three years and I know you were Tips are professional ones. Thank you for the reminder about following through which I can use about now.
    I blog over at Maybe you can check out my site. I blog about blogging tips. I help bloggers. I also host six blog parties a month where you could meet new readers.

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  3. This post is going to be great for me! Although I’ve had my blog a while I’ve had to take a long break due to my anxiety so now I’m feeling a bit like a newbie all over again! X

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