What to watch after PLL

Its been a few weeks since Pretty Little Liars ended, whether you liked the finale or not (I did not) it was the end of an era! If you’re still wondering what could fill the void after the PLL finale, I got you.

If its highschool drama with a sprinkling of murder you’re after then take a trip to Riverdale. A group of friends find themselves entangled in the murder of one if their classmates (sound familiar? 😂). The show takes istself more seriously than PLL and serves a lot more drama but definitely sucks you in. If you enjoyed the drama and highschool setting of PLL then this is for you.

Also see Gossip Girl and 90210 (both classics and loads of series to binge watch!)

Dissatisfied with the PLL finale? Still have no idea how it all made sense? Lost is just as fucking confusing. Give it ago. A plane crashes on an island and a portion of the passengers survive the crash but are now faced with the unknown forces of this uncharted island and the task of finding a way home. The first three series are solid and really suck you in but after that the whole game changes. Its like the writers had way too many ideas and took the show in so many directions they just didn’t know how to end it. It is incredibly enjoyable, if a little ridiculous and too airy fairy at times. Its definitely a staple in any Netflix connoisseur’s repertoire.

A Netflix Original and really quite bizarre. Each episode is a different length for some arty reason I don’t understand but it’s definitely an interesting watch. A blind girl returns home  after being kidnapped, imprisoned and experimented on. The series follows her story and belief that she is the Original Angel (whatever that is). It explores ideas about the  afterlife and religion and makes you question everything – is she telling the truth or is it all in her head?

Obviously The Handmaids Tale. Seriously if you haven’t watched it stop reading this blog and go watch it right now! It is adapted from the book written by Margaret Atwood which was the first adult fiction book I read that I found completely un-put-downable so I was so excited to watch it. It is quite different from the book but the main dystopian theme is there, it demonstrates how easily drastic social change can happen,  from minor changes that the characters laugh off, to catastrophic events. It is so well produced and really makes you feel the main characters hate and desperation. Just watch it OK? Comment below if you’ve  watched it or tweet me @OccasionalAdult because I am dying to talk about it and no one I know has watched it yet!

You could of course rewatch a bit of PLL for old times sake and because after 7 series’ and a two part finale I still have no clue what was going on.

Until next time!

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