Book Review: The Adventures of Alan Shaw by Craig Hallam

Is there anything better than a nice cup of tea and a good book? I love to read but recently have been reading a lot of chick lit and crime fiction (Jenny Colgan and Alex Lake anyone?) I was getting into a bit of a reading rut getting stuck between genres so when Craig Hallam sent me a copy of his book The Adventures of Alan Shaw I was super excited to read something a little different!

This book comprises of 5 relatively short stories chronicling the life of Alan Shaw, a London orphan who makes his way earning money doing dodgy business eventually turning into the people’s hero. His travels take him out of London to Brighton and even Bombay combating a variety of villains. I really enjoyed the steam punk element to the book which was something I was a little unsure about as although I like a bit of fantasy/sci-fi, it wasn’t something I had thought of picking up before. I absolutely loved Alan’s character development and having his life unfold at the turn of a page was a true joy.

Following Alan’s adventures was so entertaining and full of action. Hallam’s writing during the action sequences really throws you into the scene and brings the story to life. He writes with humour and sensitivity, a beautiful balance really making you feel for Alan’s character.

The relationship between Alan and Simon is brilliant, the banter between the two of them makes a great read, it reminded me a little of Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law’s relationship in Sherlock Holmes. It definitely adds to the fun.

Hallam puts so much into his writing and certainly produces entertaining and believable characters as well as thrilling plot lines. If you like adventure, fantasy or the Steampunk genre then this is a truly brilliant read. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different!

Thank you for sending me a copy Craig, I loved it!

Get yourself a copy of The Adventures of Alan  Shaw here or check out his other books; Greaveburn and Not Before Bed.

The sequel to The Adventures of Alan Shaw is also out in March which I will definitely be checking out!

You can also follow Craig on Twitter @craighallam84

Or catch up with him on Facebook

Until next time!

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