Changing Up My Look

I think everyone goes through a period where they aren’t really happy with how they look. Especially now with social media obscuring reality and the pressure to only put out perfection. This has probably been heightened now I’ve gotten into blogging, you only ever see people looking amazing with all these amazing products that I just wouldn’t feel comfortable spending my expendable cash on (Dan is a big spender and says I’m a dragon with money but I’d call it cautious). I know this is something a lot of us can relate to! I’ve not really loved how I’ve looked for a little while, I know there are a few reasons for this but I think my change in lifestyle and job change made it more obvious to me. For the first time in a little while I can actually afford to splurge a little so to get myself out of my funk I treated myself to a new look!

I booked myself in for a haircut at Toni and Guy and finally gave into Dan’s suggestion that I should get a fringe. Having had the same basic hair cut for pretty much my whole adult life this was a pretty big change in itself! I also got some new glasses because I’d needed some for waaay too long. I ended up picking three pairs (I told you it was a splurge!) and got two pairs of glasses and a pair of sunglasses. The end look definitely gave me the boost I needed!

I also treated myself to some new make up, something I also hadn’t done in a while, apart from things like foundation, partly coz I didn’t feel like I could afford it and partly because I’d fallen out of love with makeup. I used to freaking love makeup and creating new looks, I loved my eyeshadow and eyeliner and having bold eyes and always enjoyed getting ready for a night out at uni. It was nice to get back into that and be excited about trying something new! I had never been into lipstick as part of an everyday look and never really liked how it felt, but I really wanted to find a matte lip that I liked.

I did a bit of research and went for the Revlon Ultra HD Matte lip colour in Addiction and Devotion. I’ve never felt I could wear a purple colour but I love it! They last a good few hours and feel quite moisturising whereas other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve used have always felt dry and flaky. These are a seriously good buy, I’d highly recommend them.

I also picked up the Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer, again this feels amazing on my skin. I usually use Smashbox or Benefit for my primers but this feels so good and works really well with my make up, I’ve used it everyday since and will 100% purchase this again!

I love my new look and make up purchases! Changing it up a bit has really helped me feel happier in my skin, spending a little has definitely helped a lot, I should probably treat myself a little more! Its also been really nice to enjoy make up again, rather than just doing the same everyday look.

Until next time!

9 thoughts on “Changing Up My Look

  1. Hey beautiful I really enjoyed your post it was informative and written well…just gave your blog a follow I hope you follow back looking forward to more of those great posts 

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