How to stay motivated

I’m not sure how it even got to November but here we are, almost half way through! My little blog is 6 months old! I haven’t been the most consistent with my scheduling but I’ve enjoyed and been proud of every post I have published. I’m a busy woman after all and I started this blog as a hobby and creative outlet, I don’t want to make myself post something I’m not 100% happy with, but I would like to post more regularly!

As you know I work full time and work on my blog in my limited free time, this was a lot easier in the spring and summer as I tend to naturally feel more motivated then but now when I get home its dark and all too tempting to crawl under a blanket with some tea and stick on the telly or read a book.

So to get back into the spirit of things I thought I’d share my tips to keep motivated in the hope that it’ll not only help someone else but also remind myself to push on!

1. Plan ahead

I have a list of blog topics on my phone that I add to when inspiration strikes and on a weekend I’ll take a look at what I’ve got coming up and decide what to write that week. Sometimes (rarely) I get it all done in one go on the weekend and have it all scheduled and ready to go. Other times (most of the time) I have to take the photos and write it adhoc. I try to get to work early and write then as I find it much easier to write in the morning (its currently 8:45am) but depending on who is in when I get there I occasionally end up just starting work early which I always feel a little bitter about!

2. Early mornings

On the topic of early starts, I always find that if I get up at a reasonable time on the weekend and get on with writing and odd jobs straight away I feel much better about how I’ve spent my time. Dan hates that I’m in a rush to get all the jobs done early on as he is not an early bird in the slightest but it means I can relax in the evening!

3. Woodland walks

When I need some inspiration I always go for a walk for a boost. Just the change of scenery makes me feel more motivated and creative. Living in Hampshire means we have plenty of countryside, woodlands and beaches on our doorstep. I’m definitely a walk in the woods kind of girl and having two dogs means I always need to get out of the house anyway. Its also a great opportunity to take some nice pictures for social media if the mood takes you!

4. Excercise

Okay so if you follow me on Twitter you will know the gym is not my best friend. It takes a lot of effort for me to make myself go. Again I find the best way is to just get up and go as soon as I wake so I have less time to convince myself otherwise! I always feel a million times better once I’ve been. My job is generally office based so I don’t always get much excercise there which is quite different to other jobs I’ve had that always involved some element of physical activity. Going to the gym on a weekend definitely makes me feel productive and gets out distracted energy so I can focus on writing.

5. Take time to celebrate

I think this is an important point that is often missed. Its all very well working hard and motivating yourself but when you’ve achieved a goal or made even a small victory, celebrate it! Be proud of your achievements and take time to bask in your own glory. You will lose your drive if you don’t enjoy the fruits of your labour, there’s no point working hard if you don’t acknowledge your successes!

6. Plan for breaks

This is one I need to pay attention to! There are a few periods where I haven’t posted for weeks, not because I haven’t been writing necessarily but life got in the way one way or another. I know there are times when I won’t post as I’m busy or weekends where I won’t be able to get a post out or times I’m working extra hours etc. That’s fine, but I too need to plan for this and be a little more organised to make sure I have posts in place before rather than getting out of the loop and putting it off!

What do you do it stay motivated? What goals have you achieved recently that you’re proud of?

Until next time!

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