We’re Engaged!

I’m just so happy this happened, even though it wasn’t really a surprise, I’m truly ecstatic!

It wasn’t the most romantic of proposals as with most proposals it didn’t entirely go to plan. It happened on Christmas morning, we were running quite late as he had been on the phone to his mum for ages so we were in a bit of a rush to get ready. I had just got the dogs ready to walk over to my parents house and he said ‘Oh I was going to do something before we left’. Off he went upstairs to get the ring, came down to me, got on one knee, said all the right things and asked me to marry him!

It definitely made Christmas extra special, especially as we saw my parents and brothers that morning, then got to tell everyone else at lunch time. Everyone was so happy! One slight problem was that while we were at my parents Dan posted on Facebook that he had proposed which wouldn’t be a problem except that I hadn’t told my sister or best friend yet as I was too excited telling everyone I met in person. So two of the most important people found out on Facebook before I had the chance to tell them which I feel really bad about and I know they are both a bit disappointed. He also texted all his family and friends before hand but his mum hadn’t seen this until much later when his sister told her so she called him to tell him off too! So word to the wise – make sure you have both told everyone personally before posting on social media!

As you guys know we have been thinking about what we want for our wedding for a while and we will be booking the venue in March and then we can ask our groomsmen and bridal party! I am seriously excited about planning this wedding, I’ve worked in events for a while so I know how stressful it can be but luckily Dan and I are on the same page for a lot of what we want.

I want to make this planning experience as fun as I possibly can, if anyone has any tips let me know!

I am planning on putting up a lot of wedding content over the next year and will also be putting working on my wedding Pinterest boards to correspond with my blog posts so I’ll be linking them too, if you want a sneak peek head over now, I have two wedding boards ready!

Until next time!

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