The First Trimester

We have always talked about having a baby and although we are so so happy it was a bit of a surprise! Dan was actually working away in Plymouth for the majority of the first trimester so I spent most of the time on my own which was really hard.

The pregnancy symptoms really hit me around 6 weeks where I was just completely exhausted and feeling sick all day every day. Week 9 was the worst, I was just feeling so stressed and negative and fed up of feeling crap all the time. My emotions were all over the place and literally all I did was go to work, come back, have dinner and be in bed by at least 8:30. Being on my own most of the time through it all didn’t help and I did feel quite low at some points and found it quite hard to be excited about the pregnancy.

As I knew I was going to be on my own most of the time I did actually tell my parents straight away, I really needed the support and they were so happy and excited! I also told my best friend really early as I was still in a state of shock and needed to chat to someone who wouldn’t be so emotionally invested in the baby and I could talk honestly to her and my God that helped. I ended up also telling my grandparents at around 8 weeks as I see them every day and I was looking and feeling terrible, they had already guessed what was going on!

Although on the most part telling that handful people helped and I felt more supported and a lot less alone, it did add extra stress and I had a lot of questions and comments thrown at me that I really didn’t have any answers for. Not to mention I didn’t have the energy to deal with everyone’s questions all the time! Where were we going to live? What about the wedding? What will I do about work?

The main thing I was worried about was just the fact that I didn’t know if it was all okay, I was so uncertain about it all. Although I was happy I found it so hard to be excited about the pregnancy which in itself was quite upsetting. I spent a lot of time reading other pregnancy blogs and Georgina Clarke’s post really made me feel a lot better about how I was feeling. Although I was happy there was so much uncertainty right up until the scan that it really was hard to be excited let a lone enjoy feeling so crap.

My first appointment with my midwife really helped to calm me down, I had this just before 8 weeks so I was lucky for that! The wait for an appointment really drags and seems to last forever. We booked a private scan first at 11 weeks 6 days, I’ll go into detail about that in another post, but I cannot describe how incredible it is to see your baby wriggling around inside you and its little heart fluttering on the screen. Fortunately we were told that everything was exactly as it should be and she couldn’t find anything to be concerned about. I have never felt so relieved or happy, it was truly a magical moment.

Run down of my main symptoms:

  • Sickness – pretty much all day and everyday although I managed to only be sick once!
  • Fatigue – from about 2pm I was ready for bed, getting through the work day was tough!
  • Sore boobs – all the time, to the point I had to buy a maternity bra by 9 weeks!
  • Skin changes – as well as being deathly pale and looking like I’d been dug up, my skin type seemed to completely change! I had constant spots, but also really dry skin so it took a while to adjust my skincare routine to help this.
  • Emotions – they were just all over the place, one minute I’d be fine, the next I’d be really down. The smallest thing would make me cry, Dan said he was going to bring me a MacDonalds home one night but he left the milkshake in his friend’s car and couldn’t get it back so I cried. You know, that kind of thing.

Have you had similar symptoms? How did you feel in the first trimester?

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “The First Trimester

  1. Honestly congratulations from the most genuine and happiest of places! I hope all goes well with you and the baby on this journey and know you and the hubby will be wonderful parents! So many wonderful moments and lessons await you!

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