Second Trimester: Weeks 14-17

So at the time of posting I am in fact 23 weeks pregnant, needless to say I am drastically behind in my blog but with working full time, moving house and being easily exhausted my blog had to take a bit of a back seat. I did however write this post at 17 weeks pregnant and just never got round to positing!

Weeks 14-17

Now that the sickness has gone and the extreme fatigue has faded into just needing to go to bed earlier I am feeling sooo much better.

My symptoms have been pretty mild the last few weeks so I’ve lumped a few weeks in together.


Weeks 14-15 especially were full of headaches which isn’t fun as theres not much I could do about them! I bought some 4head which is a herbal roll on for your forehead which was a lifesaver. Other than that I’ve just tried to up how much I drink. Keeping hydrated has been surprisingly difficult at work the last few weeks as its been so busy with event planning and then working the events. Even though everyone at work now knows my news its still been quite difficult to actually take the time to look after myself at work so I’ve bought myself a big water bottle and just try to fill it up constantly throughout the day.

Aches and pains

From about week 15 I started getting back and hip pain and the odd stretching pain around my abdomen. The hip pain is particularly uncomfortable but doesn’t happen every day, lying down is really the most comfortable position. I think the pains are partly due to work and not having a particularly good office chair and needing to take more time to have a little walk so I’m not sat down all day everyday! I’ve started going for walks at lunch but the weather has been so awful recently I’ve not really kept it up!

Immune system

So it was inevitable, with so many things to sort out in my life plus working a few extra days while we had an event on as well as being surrounded by little kids… I got sick. Having a cold when you’re pregnant is so frustrating, you can’t take anything to get better. Normally I’d stock up on lemsip cold and flu, paracetamol, difflam for my throat and get on with it but all I could really find that I could use was vapo rub and soothers which hardly touched it! I bought some paracetamol which it says is safe for pregnancy but even then it has a little warning in there to take the lowest dose possible and if you’ve got a cold to just rest until it goes away… I’ve had this cold for a week and a half and it’s only just starting to go away now. Luckily I had a few days to take off from working extra shifts but I need to be better at taking it easy at work as well as at home.


Although my skin is still pretty dull and lacking that pregnancy glow, my hair has been much stronger and shinier in the last few weeks which has been a nice change. My hair is quite fine and has the tendency to get a little frizzy but now its just thick and wavy and glorious!


Finally I am starting to get a bump. Its weird how at first I was worried about my body changing and getting bigger but its taken me so long to actually start showing I’m just happy I’m finally starting to get a bump to show off! Okay at the moment it still looks like I’ve just put on a few pounds (which I have 😱) but it won’t be long now til everyone can plainly see and bask in the miracle of life that I have provided!

Baby movements

This has been the most exciting and strangest feeling! I first noticed baby moving around in there when I had a bit of a sneezing fit and it felt as though he was jumping around in there! Since then I’ve felt a few little flutters and a couple times where its felt more like jumping or rolling. I’m looking forward to being able to tell the difference soon and for Dan to be able to feel him too!

That’s it for symptoms now, so far pregnancy has been pretty kind to me, baby is growing well and we’ve seen him a couple of times now stretching away on the screen and playing with himself 😂 We may have a bit of an exhibitionist on our hands!

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