Second Trimester: 18-25 Weeks

Happily, pregnancy has been pretty kind to me but now I’m getting bigger (and heavier) its hard to remember a time when I was actually comfortable…

Back and hip pain

This got quite bad and then seemed to ease off, I’ve been better at going for a walk at lunch time which I think has helped. Any extended period of walking or standing really makes my hips and lower back hurt. Its getting increasingly difficult to find a comfy position and by the end of the day I could happily sit on the sofa and never get up again! We recently bought a new car which has definitely made my daily commute a lot comfier, as well as being much safer and up together for baby boy when he arrives!

Difficulty sleeping

This really goes hand in hand with the aches and pains tbh. Like I said finding a comfortable position is really hard, trying to exclusively sleep on my left side has been difficult too and I seem to wake up with achey shoulders every morning! I looked into buying a pregnancy pillow but they seem so big and expensive for what they are so I’ve settled for a normal pillow under my bump and between my knees. It has definitely improved my night’s sleep and I don’t seem to be tossing and turning so much.

Crisis of confidence

This has been one of the most prominent and annoying symptoms and its all in my head! My bump stayed quite small and doesn’t seem as big as other women who are as far a long as me. However now I have got to the point where I need to almost exclusively wear maternity clothes as barely anything in my wardrobe fits! This wouldn’t be so bad in the winter months as I could just bundle myself up in Dan’s jumpers and go about my day! I just feel like a roly poly pregnant mess and wish I was one of those women who feel like a magnificent goddess while pregnant instead of feeling like a baby hippo! Finding cheap and ‘fashionable’ maternity clothes has been a hassle too, most retailers seem to think pregnant women should just wear block coloured, shapeless sacks or giant stripey tops… I’ve been scouring the web for some sale items and found a few bargains. Annoyingly hardly anywhere stocks a good selection of maternity wear in store (if at all!) pregnant women shouldn’t be out in public it seems… I have however picked up a couple dresses from h&m which I’ve been loving in this heat!

We also had what is likely to be our last ultrasound and baby boy is still happily kicking around and playing with himself in there so at least he’s keeping himself entertained!

Any advice on the best places to buy affordable maternity clothes would also be greatly appreciated!

Until next time!

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