Into the Third Trimester

Weeks 25-30

Time seems to be going by so fast! I spent so much time in my early pregnancy counting down days to different milestones continuously paranoid that something would go wrong, sometimes I can’t believe that I’m just a few short weeks away from meeting my baby and our lives changing forever.

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Oh the joys of pelvic girdle pain! A pretty common problem, for those who don’t know this is the medical name for pelvic and lower back pain in pregnancy. Some days it’s not so bad, some days just a short work will do me in for the day, it doesn’t help that my lungs feel crowded and it’s been so hot too! At around 30 weeks I had a bit of a scare where the pain came on so strong in my hips, then round my back to the bottom of my bump and it kept building throughout the evening for about 3 hours to the point where I could barely move. The pain began to tail off a little and I went to bed carefully feeling out for baby’s movements all night and hardly sleeping… Although I could just about walk the next day I did have to take my first sick day from work while pregnant to recover after calling the midwife to check my symptoms weren’t anything to worry about. To make matters worse it happened on a night where Dan was away so I was all alone! Over the weekend it began to subside and the midwife told me most likely baby had just got himself into a funny position in my pelvis. Since then my PGP has been a bit worse but is still manageable.


I’m sure that the heat has a part to play in this as well as my body working hard nurturing an ever growing baby, but I am exhausted. I only have a few weeks left of work and my god I can’t wait to be able to go for little walks and daytime maps and just relax. 40 hour weeks and an almost 3 hour daily commute is really taking it out of me.


So far I have not been offered any information about antenatal classes from the NHS and my internet searches came up short. To be honest I wasn’t sure it was for me anyway as group exercises just make me cringe and I couldn’t imagine Dan coming along quietly with me. Instead I purchased the digital hypnobirthing pack from The Positive Birth Company and my goodness it has been a life saver. Although I wasn’t particularly scared of giving birth it has definitely made me feel more confident and excited about meeting my baby. Once I complete the course I’ll do a post all about it as it is such an important tool for any pregnant woman, with a focus on breathing, remaining calm, being informed and including your birth partner.

The bump

This heatwave has not been fun as a heavily pregnant woman, I’m hot, heavy and uncomfortable. My bump seems to be getting bigger by the day and I can really feel my muscles stretching, especially as I’m carrying so high. Baby’s movements are so much stronger now, as my placenta is at the front it’s been difficult to feel every movement but now he has grown so big my whole stomach moves with him! I’m starting to enjoy these movements much more as he reacts to my touch it feels much more like we’re bonding rather than the odd sensation of something moving within you that you can’t control.

We’ve been working on the nursery and I can’t wait to have it all squared away but here’s a little sneak peak of how it’s going!

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