Third Trimester: Weeks 30-36

Time has just flown by! The last few weeks of my pregnancy have remained pretty straightforward, the heat has not been fun and working full time with almost 3 hours daily commute was a struggle!

If you missed the last installment check it out here.

Tiredness and PGP

These have been my main symptoms really, being heavier and incredibly busy at work has been tough so all I’ve wanted to do when I get home is sleep!

PGP has been making moving and sleeping and basically existing more and more uncomfortable. Being off on maternity leave has made this a bit better as I’ve not been sat at a desk all day so if you’re suffering with PGP I’d definitely recommend getting up and moving as much as you can, it’s definitely made a difference to the amount of time I can spend walking.


The digital pack from The Positive Birth Company has been a lifesaver, I’ve almost finished the pack now and have been trying to listen to the MP3 of positive affirmations as much as possible. It’s been great to learn more about my options at birth, what to expect and how to make calm, informed decisions. I made a list of videos for Dan to watch too as the videos make the role of the birth partner really important. He completely surprised me by watching all the videos and has been reciting all the stats and science to every questioning family member who has asked about our birth plan! He’s a real star that man.

The videos laid out my birth options really clearly and helped me to decide what I want, ideally a water birth but at least an active labour in the midwife led unit attached to the hospital. If anyone is unsure about what options are available to them the Which? Birth tool is a fantastic tool that tells you what is available near you according to your preferences. Obviously birth rarely goes to plan but the videos really help to prepare you and help you to make the most of what ever situation arises to give you and your baby the most positive outcome.

Growth Scans

I had one routine growth scan at 32 weeks as I switched hospital trusts, my current hospital wants much more information which is reassuring! This scan was absolutely fine and showed that baby boy was developing perfectly but his weight was on the lower end of the scale whereas everything else was average. The sonographer and midwife were happy with this and plotted my growth chart accordingly. However in my 36 week appointment it seemed as though my bump hadn’t grown at all so I’ve been referred again for a growth scan. The midwife wasn’t too concerned and thought it would most likely be that as my last appointment was covered by another midwife they just measured differently. To be honest I’m pretty sure this is the case as the midwife who covered my appointment was much more thorough than my usual one! From what I’ve read about bump measurements, they’re pretty inaccurate so I’m trying not to worry about it too much. Maybe I just carry small, not that I feel particularly small!

I’ve not been feeling great about how I look throughout my pregnancy, the tiredness and work has been taking a toll so I’ve hardly taken any photos of myself or bump the entire pregnancy! But it’s important to document the good and the bad and when baby boy is born I might actually miss rubbing my tummy and just having him to myself. The photo below was taken at 34 weeks at my Gran’s garden party, being event season at work I look pretty tired and my hair is a mess but such is life as a pregnant woman!

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