Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love everything about it, the time spent with friends and family, the decorations, delicious food and general festive cheer!

Last Christmas our lives changed forever, we got engaged on Christmas Day and little did we know, conceived our first child on Boxing Day (we celebrated a little too hard 😉). This year is our first Christmas with Teddy and so we want to make it the most magical. When you have a partner in the forces you never know if they’ll be there the next Christmas so we want to make the most of Teddy’s first Christmas, even though he has no clue what’s going on.

This year we have a couple christmassy days out planned, we’re going to Mottisfont, a nearby National Trust property for their Night Before Christmas theme, and then perhaps to Longleat or Marwell. Teddy loves lights and looking at our Christmas tree so the more we can show him the better! We are going to take him to see Father Christmas, probably at our local garden centre so if Dan is away next year he’ll still have been there for Ted’s first visit to Santa.

We’re going to spend Christmas Eve as our little family of three. We’re going to take the dogs on a nice walk somewhere and spend the rest of the day preparing food for the next day, eating delicious treats and watching Elf and The Muppet Christmas Carol. While Christmas day is a rather busier day where we are doing the majority of the cooking for 15 people! I’m on starters and the veggie option, Dan is doing the beef and potatoes and making sure everything is cooked on time, dad is doing the sauces, mum is preparing the veg and my aunt is making the dessert. I love how everyone pitches in for Christmas dinner, but we seem to have a large portion of the responsibility as well as a baby to look after – I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes! After Christmas dinner we all play games together, my Gran usually brings pass the parcel full of ridiculous dares (usually singing God Save The Queen while standing on one leg… we have no idea why!) and a few quiz games like Trivial Pursuit and Linkee.

What are your Christmas traditions? What does your Christmas Day look like?

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