2018: What a year!

What a year 2018 has been! I Iooked back at my post about goals for 2018 and my goodness it did not go the way I planned! I expected to spend the year full of wedding planning, travel and having fun with friends but 2018 turned out to be so much more than that. I’m actually really excited about writing this post and reflecting on 2018 as it has been the busiest and most defining year of my life.

After getting engaged on Christmas Day 2017 I started the year on a high. I started back at work with a promotion and accompanying pay rise, full of dreams for the perfect wedding the following year. On 11th January my world completely changed forever when I found out I was pregnant!

The following couple of months were a blur of morning sickness and tough decisions where Dan and I had to really look at our choices for the future. We had always planned to have a baby when we were married and had a bigger house. We lived in a lovely area, where I grew up but couldn’t afford a 2 bedroomed flat or house in the same place when I’d be on maternity leave, even our tiny one bedroomed place would have been a stretch. As Dan is in the navy we found that we would have a lot more support available if we were married, such as discounted housing. In March we made the decision to put a hold on our dream wedding and push the ceremony forward, the plan being that we would get married early, as simply as possible with just our witnesses and save the celebrations, rings and changing my name for the wedding we had planned for. Initially my parents were entirely on board, we planned to keep it all hush hush but word soon got round and we were quickly being interrogated by family members as to why they weren’t invited, my grandparents were particularly difficult and took it as a personal slight. I didn’t want to upset anyone and was just trying to do my best for the baby I was growing so we could give him the best start we could. We then moved to thinking about having my grandparents as the witnesses but then my mum wanted to come and it just went on and on. In the end it seemed like we had no choice but to invite our close family. The day seemed to run away from us and turned into something we hadn’t planned at all and everything that went into it was all directed by our families (mainly mine). However the main thing was marrying the love of my life and of course I wouldn’t change that for the world, the day was quite lovely with a simple ceremony and then a BBQ in the evening. My youngest cousin made our cake and my older cousin took the photos and my sister did my hair.

I was 5 months pregnant at this point though and the whole thing was exhausting, but I still ended the night being deliriously happy with my new husband and our life ahead of us. We are still planning our dream wedding so we can celebrate with all our family and friends with a bridal party and groomsmen, rings, the dress and heartfelt vows and changing my name.

We got married on 12th May, coincidentally also the date we could move into our new new flat, a whopping £500 cheaper than our tiny old flat (one of my best friends moved into our old flat which was a bit strange!). It definitely made the transition to maternity pay easier and we’re very lucky we had the opportunity to move into service family accommodation (one of the very few perks of being a military family).

Dan got a new shore draft meaning he was around a lot more which was a God send as I got bigger and bigger! The summer was beautiful but far too hot for me in my third trimester. I finished work on 17th August and I’m not back until 10th June which seems both far away and too short a time to spend with Teddy.

Teddy was due on 17th September but came a week late on 23rd September and of course our lives changed forever. The rest of the year was spent enjoying our new family, learning how to be parents and having friends and family visit.

In December we celebrated Teddy’s first Christmas and he was truly spoilt (as was I with tickets for the Foo Fighters in Dublin next summer!). Dan, my dad and I did all the cooking for Christmas day, mainly Dan though and it was glorious, although cooking for 13 people was difficult and I can’t say I’m in a rush to do it again!

All in all 2018 has been amazing, I spent New Year’s Eve on the sofa with my husband, with our dogs on our laps our son sleeping in the pram next to us and it was perfect.

Here’s to a quieter 2019, spending quality time with my family and being my best self.

Happy New Year everyone!


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